Camberley Athena Women's Institute     

2022 / 2023 Calendar

Our new Membership Year runs from April 2022 to March 2023.

(Blue text - click on each event for a meeting summary)


11 April                 Tropic Skincare - Makeup and Beauty Workshop             

09 May                 Wildlife Aid - The Plight of the Hedgehog             

13 June                 Craft Event - Fabric Landscape Pictures

                            *RSVP required     

12 July                  Trip to RHS Garden Wisley  *no monthly meeting        

8 August               The History of Clandon House               

12 September        Dr. Trevor George - Cultivating healthy relationships with                                food/disease prevention    

10 October            Fun and Games Evening    

14 November         Christmas Craft Event with Sunflower Stitches

                            *RSVP required               

                            Virtual Annual General Meeting

12 December         Mamma Mia Dance Workshop   

09 January 2023    Magic Show

                            4th year Anniversary 

13 February            Laughter Yoga Workshop     

13 March                Guildford Cathedral Talk  


All are subject to change