Camberley Athena Women's Institute     


Q - What happens at meetings?

A - Meetings include ‘business’, where members are updated on all aspects about Camberley Athena WI and information from Surrey Federation and the WI nationally.  The main part of the evening is either a talk with a speaker or a craft event. Refreshments are available during the break.


Q - How much is membership?

A - All memberships are renewed in January of each year, and the annual subscription for 2020 is £43. Due to COVID, this year's membership has been extended to April 2021. The fee for April 2021 will be £44 and the membership will run to April 2022.  Refreshments and raffle tickets are available at every meeting for £1 per item.


Q - Can I attend as a visitor?

A - Yes, visitors are more than welcome and we ask for a donation of £5 to cover the cost of the meeting.  Visitors are allowed to attend 2 meetings before we kindly ask you to join as a member.

Q - Does Camberley Athena run any sub-groups?

A - Yes we run several clubs and additional information can be found under the Sub-Groups section . If you’re interested in starting a group please contact the committee.

Q - How does the programme work?

A - We plan our programme well in advance, so we can book the best speakers for our meetings. Usually, this process begins in the summer of the previous year with a view to have the final programme ready to share with the group in March. 
If you have a suggestion for the the programme, please do contact us, speak to one of the committee members or pop a note in the suggestions box at one of our meetings.

Q - Where can I find information about previous events?

A - The full list of past meetings is on our website under Programme

Q -I want to come to a meeting, but I don't know anyone - can you help?

A - We are a very friendly group and welcome all visitors / new members. 
We also have a dedicated 'Meet & Greet' member who will be your buddy for the first few meetings so you are not alone and will introduce you to other members.  All our members & visitors wear name badges to help you remember who you are talking to.





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