Camberley Athena Women's Institute     

February 2021 - Joint Waste Recycling Solutions


In support of the Share the Love campaign Sarah Beck from Joint Waste Solutions joined us for our February meeting.  JWS is an initiative run by several Surrey boroughs to manage waste and recycling.  Sarah was an enthusiastic speaker who clearly loves her job; she provided some fascinating facts, figures and answered many of the questions. 

Some interesting statistics -

  • Surrey Heath have enough annual waste to fill the Royal Albert Hall 14 times over
  • Within Surrey Heath, enough bananas are thrown away daily to fill 2 sheds & strawberries to fill Wimbledon Centre Court !

All the glass that is recycled in Surrey stays within the country as coloured glass is used in the production of road construction materials – and there is no shortage in Surrey as we have one of the highest consumption of wine in the country!  Members were also very pleased to learn that Surrey Heath sends nothing to landfill and is one of the top 10 local authorities in the DEFRA
recycling league table.  

By recycling correctly, we can all help reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill or has to be incinerated, thereby reducing the emission of harmful gases which contribute to global warming.